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The department has strong research programs in optics and condensed matter physics and an emerging emphasis on biophysics. Experimental, theoretical, and computational research seeks to understand the physics and applications of new materials and to answer fundamental questions about the dynamical behavior of biological and nanoscale systems. As home of the Paradigms in Physics upper-division curriculum project and an expanding program of reform in the lower-division service courses, our department has a strong culture of shared responsibility for curriculum development supported by physics education research. We particularly value collaborative interdisciplinary projects that span departments within the College of Science and with other colleges, especially Engineering and Education.

2016 Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics

The OSU Physics Department is proud to be selected to host the 2016 Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics on January 15 through 17, 2016. For more information, follow the button to the right!

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2015-10-05 16:00 Weniger 116 Colloquium Heidi Schellman State of the Department
2015-10-12 16:00 Weniger 116 Colloquium David Hendrix, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Oregon State University TBD
2015-10-14 16:00 LPSC 402 SSO Seminar Prof. Teri W. Odom, Northwestern University, Department of Chemistry Gold Nanostar Probes for Imaging and Therapeutics


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2016 Sep 19

Congratulations! Prof. Janet Tate receives the 2015 F.A. Gilfillan Memorial Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Science

On Sept. 14, Prof. Janet Tate received the F.A. Gilfillan Memorial Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Science at the College Awards ceremony. For details see the Spectrometer and Impact articles.

2015 Aug 25

Heidi Schellman has received the inaugural 2015 Mentoring Award by the American Physical Society’s Division of Particles and Fields - congratulations!
CoS story here.

2015 Aug 6

More Congratulations! Prof. Oskana Ostraverkhova has received a Faculty Release Time (FRT) award to support her work on a major review article on Organic Optoeletronics in Chemical Reviews.

2015 Aug 5

Congratulations to KC Walsh, who has been awarded an ESTEME@OSU Action Research
Fellowship. For details on the program please go to http://stem.oregonstate.edu/ad-action-research-fellowship

2015 Aug 5

Congratulations to KC Walsh and Henri Jansen who have received a $4,000 L.L. Stewart Faculty Development Award to support KC's flipped classroom research project.

2015 Aug 5

Congratulations to Physics Major Cody Bibler who has received the National SPS Peggy Dixon 2-year Scholarship from the Society of Physics Students!

Details at http://www.spsnational.org/programs/scholarships/2015.html

2015 Aug 4

Congratulations to Zachary Thompson, who is this year's winner of the Peter Fontana Graduate Teaching Award.

2015 Jul 20

Congratulations to Janet Tate!

Physics Prof. Janet Tate is the 2015 recipient of the OSU Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award.

The OSU Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award recognizes a faculty member each year for superior academic performance, professional renown, and service to the University and to the public. She will be recognized at several events at the beginning of Fall quarter.

more details on the Award program can be found HERE .

2015 Jun 7 Congratulations to Brian Johnson who has received the 2015 Physics Graduate Research Award in recognition of his work on organic semiconductors with Oksana Ostraverkhova. For more details and a picture, please see The Spectrometer article
2015 Jun 3

Congratulations to Lee Aspitarte, 2015 recipient of the Ben and Elaine Whiteley Materials Research Fellowship

Lee Aspitarte is a fourth year PhD student working with Prof. Ethan Minot, and recipient of this year’s Whiteley Materials Research Fellowship. He is studying photocurrent generation in photodiodes fabricated from single carbon nanotubes (CNTs). CNTs are exciting candidates for next generation solar technology because they undergo Multiple Electron-hole pair Generation (MEG), where carriers excited by a photon with an energy of more than twice the band gap can decay by exciting additional electron-hole pairs. By utilizing MEG, CNT based solar technology could exceed the theoretical limit on solar power conversion efficiency for silicon based technology, 29%. The research funded by this fellowship will study MEG in CNT photodiodes by manipulating the dielectric environment surrounding the CNT, affecting the electron-electron scattering processes that lead to MEG. The knowledge gained from this study could directly impact design considerations for next-generation high-efficiency MEG based solar cells. Mr. Aspitarte received the Peter Fontana Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award in 2012 and has already co-authored two papers on his research at Oregon State.

The Ben and Elaine Whiteley Endowment for Materials Research, established in 2007, provides support for materials research in the College of Science. In particular, it provides fellowship support for students to work full time during the Summer in a research laboratory, working on materials research related topics.